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Empirical Data Based Flood Zoning in Kuya River Basin


Authors: Priyanka Das , Dr. Swades Pal  


 Vol.I/ Issue I/Jun-Aug, 12





Extraction and Alignment of Vegetation astride Road Network in Ward 19 & 20 of KMCA: A Micro Spatial Study



Authors: Dr. Swades Pal, Dr. Sutapa Mukhopadhyay


Vol.I / Issue II /Sept-Nov, 12




Cry for the Dignity: Status of Dalit Women in Education


Authors: Ashwin Makawana, Dinesh Makawana, Solanki Mayur


Vol.I / Issue II /Sept-Nov, 12





Role of Social Media in Government


Authors: Manjit Nath, Pranjal Kalita


Vol.I / Issue II /Sept-Nov, 12

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